Thursday, 8 November 2007

Downing Street London Protest - Sat, 10th Nov 2p.m.

Dear All,

Most of you already know that the Campaign Against Martial Law has organised a mass protest demonstration outside 10 Downing Street this Saturday, 10th November at 2p.m. You are all invited to join us there to express your solidarity with the thousands of lawyers and rights activists illegally detained in Pakistan over the past 5 days. Please spread the word around. This is time for collective action - we have to show our strength.

Please come with banners and posters with slogans. Be as creative as possible. All protestors are encouraged to tie a simple black band around their arms or neck or forehead as a visible symbol.

Some of us will be raising Pakistani flags on the occasion to visibly reclaim the legitimacy of who can speak on behalf of Pakistan: each one of us has equal right to determine the future of our country. Musharraf cannot decide Pakistan's fate!

Please ensure that most of your banners are in English because in order to capture the British media's attention, we need to do it in a language they understand.

So see you at number 10 Downing Street on Saturday!

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Sohaim said...

join hands on

for establishing pre NOV 3 2007 judiciary in Pakistan