Thursday, 8 November 2007

Lawyesr Rally - Washington, D.C - Nov 14

What: Lawyers' march to support the rule of law in Pakistan
When: 11:30 a.m., Wednesday, November 14
Where: Meet at the James Madison Building (101 Independence Avenue SE) before walking around the Supreme Court
Attire: Black suit

If you plan to attend the march in Washington, D.C., please click here.

Thank you in advance for your support.


William H. Neukom
President, American Bar Association


Anonymous said...



Mr. William Neukom
President, ABA
American Bar Association

I have read your letter and thank you for it. But a single letter and a demonstration in favour of "democracy" will not help our beleaguered wonderful Pakistan. If you want to help us, then please campaign in your Congress and persuade War Criminal Bush, Psycho Cheney, Jungle woman, Condoleeza Rice and other neo-Con neo-Nazis to stop interfering in the political affairs of our wonderful Pakistan. Terrorist USA and Cockroach England have been interfering in our affairs since the last 60 years and we have had enough of your blackmailing and democratic terrorism in our country and we just cannot accept it any further. Our popular Prime Minister of the 50s, Liaquat Ali Khan was murdered by your Terrorist Ambassador in Islamabad, because our prime minister had refused to bow down to the "democratic blackmailing" of your US ambassador. Then, your Richard Armitage, the previous under secretary in the State department openly threatened us after "FAKE 9/11" that if we did not cooperate with your democratic genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq, we will be "bombarded and sent to the stone ages". Richard Armitage the blackmailer, recently appeared on the "CNN = Criminal Nazi Nonsense" show of Wolf Blitzer and shamelessly denied it. A single letter in favour of the restoration of democracy will not help us. If you want to help us then tell your Terrorist government to mind their own business and keep out of the affairs of our wonderful Pakistan. And if you have any worthwhile political influence in Cockroach England, give the same message to them also.

Cockroach England

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