Thursday, 8 November 2007

Protest Rally in Chicago - Nov 11


We, the citizens of Pakistan, denounce in the strongest terms General Pervez Musharraf's recent assault on the rule of law in Pakistan. By suspending the Constitution; dissolving the Supreme Court and the provincial High Courts and replacing them with judges of his own choosing; engaging in arbitrary and unprovoked arrests of thousands of opposition leaders, journalists, and other law-abiding citizens; and violently suppressing protests by hundreds of lawyers, students, journalists, political activists and civil society members. General Musharraf is trampling upon the very system of law that alone can justify a ruler's power over his people. We stand in solidarity with our constitutional, human and the democratic rights of the Pakistani nation, and we urge an early restoration of legality and legitimate authority in Pakistan.

In order to stage our protest against the Martial Law and suspension of the constitution and civil rights in Pakistan, we are holding a protest rally in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Chicago.

Date: 11th November 2007, Sunday
Time: 1:30 PM
Venue: CONSULATE OF PAKISTAN - Chancery address: 333 North Michigan Avenue, # 728, Chicago, IL 60601,U.S.A.

This date has been chosen to coincide with the second round of protests that will be held in Washington DC. Protests have already taken or are taking place at London, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Toronto, Houston, Glasgow, Manchester, Canberra, Melbourne, Harvard, Yale, and Amherst Universities.

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