Tuesday, 13 November 2007

7 Protests - Amnesty International - Worldwide - Nov 15


On Thursday, 15 November, Amnesty International will join with representatives of the legal profession and journalists to protest against the arrests and arbitrary detentions. In London, people are asked to gather at 4.30pm outside the High Commission of Pakistan, 34-36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN (see a map). A letter will be handed in at 5pm.

Supporters from the legal professions are urged to don traditional barristers'/judges' robes and wigs in order to symbolically convey the impact on justice in Pakistan.

In other countries:
Nepal -- A demonstration outside the Pakistan Embassy in Kathmandu at 3pm local time. This action is being jointly organized by Amnesty International Nepal Section with the Federation of Nepalese Journalists and other media related organizations. Several other human rights organizations are due to join the action.

Norway -- A demonstration outside the Pakistan Embassy in Oslo at 4pm local time. This action is also being organized by Amnesty International Norwegian Section with Norwegian P.E.N. and the Norwegian Bar Association.

Switzerland -- A demonstration outside the Pakistan Embassy in Bern at 1pm local time.

India -- A demonstration and rally near the Mandi House intersection, New Delhi, at 11.30, which will march towards the Indian Parliament. The International Federation of Journalist India outfit, Delhi Union of Journalists, Peoples' Union of Civil Liberties, Peoples' Union of Democratic Rights, Delhi Forum and others will join with Amnesty International India Section.

Turkey -- A demonstration outside the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankaraon. This is a joint event incorporating all leading HR organizations in Turkey (the Human Rights Joint Platform).

USA -- Demonstration in front of the State House on Beacon Street in Boston between 1and 2pm, led by the National Lawyers Guild.


Anonymous said...

I will be outside Pakistan embassy tomorrow with all my friends and we will protest against war criminal Musharraf. But we will also protest against Terrorist USA and Cockroach England for their active support for war criminal Musharraf. Without the support of these two countries, war criminal Musharraf could not have lasted for that long. While we want emergency to be lifted and war criminal Musharraf out of government, we also want Terrorist USA and Cockroach England to stop interfering in our political affairs. We also want the US and Brit ambassadors in Pakistan to stop acting like Democratic dictators and stop imposing their will upon us. We all know that Benazir was brought in Pakistan by Terrorist USA and Cockroach England for a power sharing agreement. Otherwise, how is it possible that when Nawaz Sharif went to Pakistan, he was deported, but when Benazir went, she was welcomed ?? It happened because of the agreement which was worked out by the criminal ambassadors of Terrorist USA and Cockroach England in our beautiful Islamabad. Nawaz Sharif and Benazir are both democratic dictators and they looted the resources of Pakistan & they both should be put on trial. We want Terrorist USA and Cockroach England to keep out of the affairs of our great land, Pakistan. We dont interfere in their affairs and we dont want these two countries to interfere in our affairs either.

Cockroach England

Zahid said...

I will be there as well god willing. We don't want the US and UK to stop interfering yet, we want RESTITUTION first. Restore the independent and impartial judiciary. Restore and free media and then allow free and fair democratic decisions to be made.

Anonymous said...



You say that you want independent judiciary, independent media and free election. I agree with it. But how are we going to achieve it in our wonderful Pakistan ? The only way to achieve all this is to remove war criminal Musharraf and put him through the french made guilliotine.

And how can we remove war criminal Musharraf ?? We can do so by telling Terrorist USA and Cockroach England to stop interfering in our affairs. Cockroach England is the greatest fascist of the world and most of its cabinet members, particularly David Milliband, support war criminal Musharraf. Gordon Brown and his ex Nazi Tony Blair are all in favour of Musharraf. Our destiny will only change, once we close the criminal embassies of Terrorist USA and Cockroach England and guillotine these two ambassadors in a public place in beautiful Islamabad.

Cockroach England

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