Thursday, 8 November 2007

Protest - London Doctors, UK - Nov 11

Dear all AOA!

Please note, this protest is now colocated with

Protest - London Professionals, UK - Nov 11

We are holding a peaceful demonstration in front of Pakistan High Commission in London ''For Restoration of True Democracy and Judiciary ''.We also want to show solidarity with the Judiciary of Pakistan.We will greatly appreciate if you come and stand with us for this protest(You don't have to be a Pakistani to come and show solidarity with people of Pakistan and to stabilise Pakistan in order to control terrorism in a positive and more effective way)

Date :11th November,2007 Tuesday (we know it is a week day but you must have taken leave for other purposes and spent money on holidays, this is the time to do it for some thing good/our beloved country, this is the least we can do for Pakistan)

Time : 2 pm
Place: Pakistan High Commission ,London.
Arranged by : UK Doctors forum for Restoration of Democracy & Judiciary. (permission granted and facilitated by London Metropolitan Police)

Important note : We do not have a political background, this demonstration is to show concerns of the "civil society".


Aysha and Humayun


Sohaim said...

join hands on

for establishing pre NOV 3 2007 judiciary in Pakistan

Anonymous said...

US & British interference in Paksitan

Aysha & Humayun,

I will come to the protest and will bring some of my french friends with me also. I am fascinated by the french history and I have told my french friends that our destiny in Pakistan will change, only only only by these two following things :

1) A merciless revolution, like the French one in 1789.

2) Guillotine-ing (head chopping) of those found guilty of crimes against the country, as Loui XVI was guillotined with his notorious wive, Queen Antonite in 1792. Notorious Antonite was the same queen who once said that "If the poor people have no bread, they should eat cake".

The fortune of Pakistan will only change through a french style revolution and there is just no other way. The first two criminals, who should be guillotined in beautiful Islamabad after the revolution, should be the criminal ambassadors of Terrorist USA & Cockroach England, who are interfering in our political affairs. War Criminal Musharraf would not have survived for that long without the active support of Terrorist USA and Cockroach England. We want these two International terrorists, USA & Cockroach England to leave us alone and let us govern our wonderful Pakistan ourselves.

Cockroach England

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