Monday, 12 November 2007

Global - Black Day - Nov 15

We on behalf of United Students Federation in collaboration with All Pakistan Students league, give the call to all Honorable Pakistanis here n abroad to Observe BLACK DAY on Thursday the 15th of Nov against the dictatorship and Emergency rule.

On that day every student will wear black article of clothings to his/her university college or workplace in protest against the dictator n emergency.. article of clothing could be the black wrist bands hand bands black Tshirts jeans or shalwar qameez etc..

We hope that you people will move your step forward and join us to make this decision Progressfull one. We do believe that all of you are honorable students and represent the Pride of Youth of Pakistan. so, this is the chance to register your response to this black era. Join hands and Observe Black day, and pass the message to everyone.

United Students Federation


Sohaim said...

lets joi struggle for restoration of indepedent judiciary in Pakistan on

Anonymous said...
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