Friday, 7 December 2007

Rally - Karachi - Dec 14, 2007

The Peoples Resistance (PR) movement in Karachi has issued a protest call for 04:00 p.m., December 13. The group will congregate at Regal Chowk, Saddar, and will move to the Karachi Press Club.Up until now, lawyers, the Pakistan Tehrik-Insaf (PTI), the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP), the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP), the Awami Jamhoori Workers Committee (AJWC), International Socialists Pakistan (ISPak), the All-Pakistan Trade Union Federation (APTUF), the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF), all trade- and labour-unions here, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Aurat Foundation, Women's Action Forum (WAF), other civil society organisations, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), a bunch of other medical organisations, concerned citizens, students, and journalists have pledged support and participation.Friends and comrades, we need numbers in order to make thisdemonstration a success. Tell everyone you know. If you're in Karachi, please mark 04:00 p.m. December 13 on your calenders. Come to Regal Chowk. Bring yourself, bring flags, bring placards, bring friends. Make yourself heard."It is time -- Let's make history."


Anonymous said...

Pakistan was looted by the people you are representing & may be paid for by either Nawaz or Bhutto, I hope you will never have to deal with corrupt judges & money hungry lawyers in pakistan; not to mention media that was free first time ever but they too got corrupted and lost their chance; army is the only institution keeping Pakistan togather.

Anonymous said...

We love our Pak army.

While we love our Pak army and consider it to be the bravest army of the world, we would like it to keep itself to the barracks. It is not the job of the army to intervene in the politics. Pak army should concentrate on thwarting the Hindu terrorism of Fascist RAW in Pakistan and should protect us from the daily occurring Hindu terrorism. Most of the bombs which are going off in our Diamond Pakistan are planted by the Hindu terrorists of Fascist RAW and this Hindu criminality can be brought to an end only by the intelligence work of our great and brave military. Leave politics for the politicians and just concentrate on catching the Hindu terrorists operating in Pakistan. Many of these Hindu terrorists closely work with the Gringo terrorists of CIA and the Cockroach terrorists (British terrorists) of the MI5 of Cockroach England.

Cockroach England

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