Thursday, 6 December 2007

Panel Discussion - Toronto - Dec 07, 2007

The Rule of Martial Law in Pakistan: A Panel Discussion of Protest, Politics, and Lawyers in PakistanFriday, December 7, 200712:00 - 2:00 p.m.Faculty of Law, University of TorontoRoom FLA - Flavelle House, 78 Queen's ParkThe panel includes Keith Adam M. Dodek, B.A. (McGill), J.D., magna cum laude, (Harvard) a Visiting Scholar in the Faculty of Law; Kamran Bokhari, Director of Middle East Analysis with Strategic Forecasting, Inc (Stratfor) and author of an upcoming book on radical/militant Islamist political thought, entitled 'Voices of Jihadism: Contemporary Radical Islamist Writings'; and (tentatively) Cheryl Milne, Vice Chair of the Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Section of the Ontario Bar Association. The Panel will be moderated by Shibil Siddiqi, Board Member of South Asian Legal Clinic and a Global Youth Fellow with the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation. The panel will engage in a thought provoking discussion about the events in Pakistan.Lunch will be served.This event is jointly sponsored by the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto and South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO).Contacts:Lorne SossinProfessor Faculty of LawUniversity of Toronto78 Queen's Park Cres.Toronto, On. M5S 2C5phone: 416-946-8229fax: 416-978-7899email: lorne.sossin@utoronto.caDeepa MattooProject CoordinatorSouth Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario1992 Yonge Street, Suite 205Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z7Tel: 416 487-6371 ext.11Fax: 416 487-6456Email:

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Anonymous said...

Lorne Sossin,
Law Professor
Toronto University

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